Custom Bath and Shower

Custom Décor Shower Bases

Décor Single Threshold Custom Size Bases

Transolid Décor custom solid surface shower bases allow you to get a custom size width, depth and drain location. Available in widths up to 96-inch and depths up to 60-inch. Base height is 4-inch. Custom bases can be ordered with either standard or zero roll-in threshold. Installation for new and existing construction. Order by providing the threshold type, width, depth, drain location and color for shower base.

Décor Custom Base Colors
White (A5)
Biscuit (A7)
Matrix Khaki (B1)

Standard 4-in Threshold
Standard Base
Zero Roll-In 1-7/16-in Threshold
Zero Threshold Base

Custom Showers and Tub Decks

Custom Solid Surface Shower Walls

Transolid custom solid surface shower walls allows you to get a custom size width and height in 3 Natural Selections or 5 Classic colors. Available in widths up to 72-inch and heights up to 96-inch. Combine with any of our standard Slimline bases.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories like a Decorative Inlay Border available in 4 patterns adds a stylish design element. Choose a Wall Pocket for convenient storage. Add comfort to your showering experience with a Bench Seat available in 2 depths 12-inch and 18-inch by any length. Panels can be ordered pre-seamed in large widths or can be ordered in widths of 36-inch or less at a more economical cost and joined with a batten molding. Maximum panel size 60-inch x 96-inch.

Decorative Inlay Borders
Pinwheel (PW)
Basket Weave (BB)
Diamond (DD)
Terra Bella (TB)

Custom Tub Decks

Custom Tub Decks are available in widths up to 96-inch in 3 Natural Selections or 5 Classic colors listed below. Add front and end skirt panels to further enhance your bathroom design.

Combine a custom tub deck with Transolid solid surface tub walls for a coordinated look.

Custom wall kits include trim molding, flat corner molding, top bullnose molding, installation adhesive and silicone sealant. Finish Trim gives your shower or tub a finished look.

Our easy-to-use order forms make it easy to get the right custom shower or tub deck for your needs.

Natural Selections Colors
White Carrara (91)
Sand Mountain (94)
Almond Sky (96)

Classic Colors
White (01)
Biscuit (08)
Matrix Khaki (67)
Surf White (74)
Sea Shore (86)