At an economical installed price laminate offers good value and performance. As a result, it’s a very common countertop material in bathrooms, just as it is in kitchens.
Laminate bathroom vanity
Various manufacturers market laminates under different brand names, but they’re all based on the same principle; a stack of thin plastic layers bonded together under heat and pressure. Laminate countertops clean easily and are resistant to water and stain.
Laminate kitchen counter
However, laminates can burn, wear thin, and dull over time. Hard blows can chip or dent the plastic, and there’s no remedy short of replacement.

Available in many colors and patterns, laminate finishes range in texture from high-gloss smoothness to a mottled, leather-like look.
Laminate slab
Do-it-yourselfers can buy prefabricated laminate vanity tops or have them made to order with a hole for the sink cut where needed. Laminate tops are also available with a pre-installed kitchen sink by utilizing a solid surface frame around the sink area in order to prevent moisture from attacking the medium density fibreboard (MDF) substrate typically found underneath the laminate.